QUICKPOST: Now here: Technology to recycle ALL plastics!

Plastic Bottle


Well today I’ve just come across some great news regarding plastic recycling.

On one hand, plastics are so bad for the global ecosystems, especially when they find their way out into the oceans.

On the other hand, they are so useful and handy for modern life. Plastic as a material is unrivalled for its versatility, its affordability etc. Thank God for eco-alternatives which companies are producing, but apparently the mountain of plastic waste is only predicted to increase by up to 6 times by 2030 (according to the article linked above).

The post linked above relates the story of a company that claims it can now recycle ALL plastics, by essentially melting them back down into their constituent oils.

If this can be scaled down into a reliable, widely used technology, this could be absolutely world changing. I am beyond excited by this, and eagerly look forward to read updates about this technology!

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