QUICKPOST: Your website is killing the planet


The carbon footprint of my websites is something that I as a website designer and owner of several websites have now started to think about in earnest. While I myself care very deeply about the planet, my websites are definitely not eco-optimised. In fact, I have recently started a new video quotes site which was always going to be an intensive user of energy anyway. To make matters worse, the video creation software that I use produces HUGE files by default, which meant that each time someone watched a video, that would cost several grammes of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. It also quickly sucks up viewers’ bandwidth. It is only now, a couple of months later, that I have worked out how to reduce the file size of created files. Even so, even with minimal filesizes, videos are always going to be a particularly energy-intensive use of internet resources, and knowing that is influencing my business plan for that particular business, to create perhaps just one small video every day, rather than three as originally planned.
With all that said, my webhosts claim to run on green energy, so that at least is one positive!

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